A workforce and asset management software enabling company.


Workforce & Asset Management Software Development

Acumen Software are Asset and Mobile Workforce Management software developers. Our flagship products include:

  • Forcelink – A Mobile Software Solution with Asset and Workforce Management applications across multiple industries.
  • Powerlink – An Outage Workforce and Asset Management Field Service Solution specific to the energy industry.

Business Consulting for Field Service Solutions

We provide business consulting and advisory services across various mobile software solution requirements. Strategy development, business case development, benchmarking & best practices, financial projections, and systems integrators are just a selection of potential Field Service Solutions that we provide.

Bespoke Software Development

Our team regularly develops Mobile and Field Service Solutions across various organisations and industries. We are the software developers of Electronic toll collection (ETC) mobile solution, PPMI system, which is used by Eskom, and MALCOLM, which is used in the insurance industry, to mention a few of our bespoke developments.


Acumen Software was established in 2006, and is made-up of Industry professionals with extensive experience in consulting, delivery of IT solutions, and developing workforce and asset management software for various industries. Our team members have delivered key projects at Department of Energy, City Power, Eskom in South Africa and other large utilities around the world. Acumen Software is a level 3 BEE (Black Economic Empowered) company.

We are management consultants and software solution providers across several major industries. Our focus is primarily to optimise the business and operations of organisations with dispersed and distributed assets, resources and activities by providing field service solutions. We take on complex problems and provide smart and effective business and technical solutions to resolve these.


We have extensive experience implementing systems such for Mobile Workforce Management, Asset Management Software Solutions, Field Service Solutions, OMS (Outage Management Systems), CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management Systems), GIS (Geographical Information Systems), ERP (Enterprise Resource Management), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), EAI (Enterprise Application Integration), and BI (Business Intelligence).